Self Care

Self Care
If you are constantly under pressure, busy and feeling overwhelmed, it’s very easy to forget about your own needs. Perhaps you’re making large profits for your company (which is great for your boss) in one sense, but in another (personal sense) could be very detrimental to your health.  It’s so easy to put work or wealth before wellbeing but we must set aside time for ourselves.  If we neglect our health every aspect of our lives will suffer, so ‘Self Care’ is essential for quality of life. (As I explained in my “Stress Bucket” post, setting aside time for yourself can help reduce your stress levels. We all need to find personal outlets to help us stress less.
Examples include:
• Walking in the countryside • Practicing yoga • Regular exercising • Getting a massage • Bathing with scented aromas• Reading a good book • Practicing a hobby • Preparing a healthy meal• Volunteering (helping the less fortunate)
Studies show that people who engage in self-care, allowing time for themselves report lower levels of stress and improved quality of life. (NIH)
Take time for yourself with some well earned self care.

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