Long And Winding

My career path has been long and winding. For those that know me would have witnessed my humble beginnings. From my nomadic teenage years (another story) to the joy of being housed in my early twenties.


After a brief spell of unemployment I found my calling, Fitness. In order to fulfil it I needed funds. I started working part time at Pizza Hut, as a stepping-stone to fund my fitness courses.  I manage to pass the advanced fitness instructor award (the first of many), in London. My efforts were rewarded when I started working at a local sports centre as a gym instructor (a few months later), a job I really enjoyed and could relate to.



12 months later and still ambitious, I put together a business plan and applied for a business loan from the Princes Youth Business Trust.  After a lengthy meeting to a panel of trustees I was successful. This was the birth of Physique Personal Training now ‘Physique Fitness Training’. I was probably one of the first PT’s in my area, and I had a vision.  Over 25 years on, training hundreds of private clients I still have the same passion and drive.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts the next step for me along side my personal training, was to offer wellness days aptly named ‘Revive Health Fitness’, for businesses and their employees. Here you can learn how to rekindle and revive any lost health, improve current health and maintain your overall wellbeing safe and effectively.

I can pass on my decades of knowledge and experience, so employees can empower themselves benefiting their businesses.


Health is something we shouldn’t take for granted especially in a post Covid world.  Knowledge is power, so take charge of your health and learn from an enthusiastic professional.


“Small changes can really make a big difference; you just need the desire to make them”.


Henry Adekoya.

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