Vitamin C In Vegetables

We all know that if we’re feeling a bit poorly, vitamin C can help boost your immune system. Most people will associate this water-soluble vitamin with citrus fruits but many vegetables have an abundance of this vitamin. Check the list below: RDA = 40 mg

Red peppers – have lots of vitamin C, around 110mg per 100g They’re also a good source of vitamin A, B, E, and K.

Broccoli – has around 80mg per 100g, Enjoy steamed or raw. Broccoli is a good source of B vitamins, which helps support the nervous system.

Brussels Sprouts – Love ‘em or hate ‘em, are an excellent source of vitamin C, Sprouts have around 115mg per 100g. Not just for Christmas, enjoy the humble Brussels Sprout all year round!

Red Cabbage – has around 50mg per 100g, Red cabbage is full of antioxidants that help prevent a multitude of diseases. Add to salads for an extra crunch!

Cauliflower – has around 40mg per 100g. It’s also a good source of vitamin K, B9 and fibre. Eat it raw, steamed or roast it with a drizzle of olive oil.

Kale – has become trendy over recent years, it has around 70mg per 100g and is very versatile. Great in salads, smoothies, steamed or stir-fried, this leafy green has plenty of health benefits. Some say Kale is just cabbage with good PR but what do you think?


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