Stick to your resolutions

How can you stick to your New Years resolution?

According to studies most resolutions fail within 1 – 6 weeks with around only 16% of people sticking to them after 6 months (economictimes). The most popular resolutions are to exercise more (get fitter) or lose weight. So why is it that people tend to fail?

This is probably due to over ambition, setting unrealistic targets and the desire to succeed. To succeed you have to be honest with yourself and you need to find the motivation to drive you. There’s no quick fix to getting fitter or losing weight it’s a gradual process that takes time. Don’t try and pack fitness sessions into your weekly schedule, slowly introduce sessions so its not such a shock. You can always add more!

Here are my tips for success.

* Try something you enjoy – that way you’ll keep it going.

* Set realistic targets – small steps can lead to big gains

* Get support – exercise with a friend / partner, motivate each other.

* Record your progress -it’s very inspiring to visualise your progress.

* Don’t give up. I know it sounds easy, we all have off days but just see it through.

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