About Henry


I love learning. I love to teach and I love fitness.

It is probably quicker to tell you what I don’t have qualifications and experience in!

Current areas of interest and experience include:

Nutrition & Weight Loss Management
Anatomy & Physiology
Total Body Conditioning
Pilates & Rehabilitation
Senior Health & Fitness
Kids Fitness
Exercise & Nutrition for Sport
Nutrition For Menopause & Beyond
Circuit Training
Exercise to Music

I’ve trained professional athletes, represented England, kept whole families moving through lockdown, and helped client after client get back on track with their health and feel great about themselves.

I’ve spent over 25 years amassing a wealth of information about how to move and feel better. And when you know that some simple nutritional changes and types of exercise can make a transformational difference to people’s lives, well then you are passionate about spreading the word and reaching as many people as possible.

So that is my focus now. Alongside my Personal Training Programme, I now offer a full days suite of activities with the Revive Day Retreats. it’s the perfect way for me to pass on my knowledge and for you to empower yourselves by learning about the changes in your body and how you can impact them..

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