21 Jun


The working week has changed drastically (hybrid) post Covid, and the idea of staff reconnecting with themselves, re-engaging with their work colleagues, relaxing and supporting their needs to improve mental and physical health is a unique and refreshing prospect for any business. Revive Health Fitness, wellness at its best. #reconnect #fitness #nutriton #health #wellness


16 Mar

High Protein Veg

Maybe as a child you hated the thought of eating veggies, But mum knows best! They’re packed with nutrients that support gut health and help your body to function at its best. Protein helps to regulate sugar levels keeping you fuller for longer and great for weight management. But not all veggies are high in […]


14 Dec

Managing Headaches

As restrictions take hold once again, working from home can take its toll. The demands of work are the same but as we move closer to Christmas and with the kids off school the distractions and pressure can start to build. Do you suffer from stress induced headaches or migraines? It’s easy to dismiss the […]


22 Nov

Good Verses Bad

Good verses Bad Did you know we as people are only about 10% human? Well, bacteria in your intestine, known as gut flora, outnumber our human cells 10 to 1. We have around 40 trillion of them! Research shows that these bacteria (some good some bad) can have profound implications on our health, affecting everything from […]


10 Nov

Bento Boxes

Bento Boxes Japanese bento boxes seem to be all the rage at the minute with boxes full of delicious-looking combinations. And they’re not just for kids! Did you know that the word ‘bento’ originated from a Southern Song slang term and means “convenient” or “convenience”? Well, convenience is something we can all definitely appreciate (in […]


26 Oct

Get your oats this winter!

The clocks go back this weekend which spells cold dark mornings, as winter approaches. Winter for me means porridge season and the humble oat is so powerful when it comes to setting yourself up for a healthy day ahead. They’re so easy to pick up in all supermarkets and as a healthy carb, they are […]


13 Jul

About Henry

      I love learning. I love to teach and I love fitness. It is probably quicker to tell you what I don’t have qualifications and experience in! Current areas of interest and experience include: Nutrition & Weight Loss Management Anatomy & Physiology Total Body Conditioning Pilates & Rehabilitation Senior Health & Fitness Kids Fitness […]


18 Nov

Did you know…

You’ve heard the saying  “…an apple day keeps the doctor away..” but in this case eating an apple, drinking curtain beverages, chomping down on delicious whole grains and savouring some essential fats…really can help to keep your GP at bay…. …why is this so, you may ask…….Polyphenols. It’s their collective nutrient! Polyphenols are a group of naturally occurring micronutrients in plants. […]


24 Jan

Winter Wellness

What a fabulous specialised revive day at Buxted Park Hotel on Saturday the 19th of January 2019. Our holistic exercises and activities were the perfect way to start the New Year and revitalise after the festive season. Despite the cool weather it was a pleasure to hike around the magnificent grounds of Buxted Park and […]