Wellbeing for Busineses


Great wellbeing discussion at Cripps in Tunbridge Wells. The discussion was live streamed to their other branches in Kings Hill and Chelsea. Wellbeing is such a hot topic within businesses right now and businesses are looking to experts for guidance. My presentation covered a variety of topics from stress & the symptoms, sleep deprivation, CHD and MSK, through to activity readiness and planning for optimal health. Companies are starting to recognise the importance of offering specialised wellbeing programs to their staff to find sustainable ways of improving their health and wellbeing.   Stress is on the increase within businesses effecting around 6.5 Million employees annually. 16 million days are lost each year costing industries over £7 Billion.  It pays to have a healthy work force and the benefits to businesses are : Increase Productivity, Better Attendance, Better engagement, Better Retention & Recruitment and Better Brand Image. I can provide a consultancy role supporting the health and wellbeing of employees within businesses. Helping corporations to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff. Consulting with employees, compiling personal programs giving nutritional & exercise and advice together with follow up appointments to those that need it. Please get in touch if you feel we could be of benefit to your business. hello@revivehealthfitness.co.uk

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