Managing Headaches

As restrictions take hold once again, working from home can take its toll. The demands of work are the same but as we move closer to Christmas and with the kids off school the distractions and pressure can start to build.

Do you suffer from stress induced headaches or migraines?

It’s easy to dismiss the warning signs especially at this time of the year. But headaches are your body’s way of telling you something’s up, and in an office environment (or at home) this can be due to too much screen time or external pressures.

Although it can be beneficial and more productive for some, working from home can be the polar opposite for others who are constantly distracted.

If you experience stressed induced headaches with symptoms such as: blurred vision, tense neck and shoulder muscles, sharp pain in your temple area, tension behind the eyes then it may be time to manage those feelings.

I’m really passionate about workplace wellbeing and in my workplace wellbeing workshops I offer lifestyle approaches that can help tackle some of these common issues.

Having a plan is always key, regular exercise and desk breaks (support network: line manager, friends or family member) can have a huge positive effect if the demands are too great. I can also advise on dietary changes to reduce stress induced headaches.

Putting some simple measures in place to improve your working day is a lot better than having to manage the pain and discomfort of a headache that can escalate into something worse.

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