Good Verses Bad

Good verses Bad

Did you know we as people are only about 10% human? Well, bacteria in your intestine, known as gut flora, outnumber our human cells 10 to 1. We have around 40 trillion of them! Research shows that these bacteria (some good some bad) can have profound implications on our health, affecting everything from body weight to brain function (mood: stress/anxiety). A balanced diet is so important and more so as we age, poor dietary choices will enhance the bad bacteria in your intestines which can contribute to many diseases, whereas enhancing good bacteria can be incredibly important for overall health.

Just like your body’s cells, the bacteria need to eat, and soluble fibre is the good bacteria’s preferred source of fuel. This may be the single most important reason to include plenty of fibre in your diet. There are many other ways to enhance your beneficial bacteria. How will you boost your gut flora today?

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