Self Care

Studies show that engaging in self-care reduces symptoms of stress an anxiety. It can also help you establish stronger relationships and recover from personal or emotional setbacks. A recent survey (mental health first aid), found that 64% of participants engaging in self-care enhanced their confidence, 67% enhanced their productivity and 71% improved their happiness. From a physical perspective, self care can help reduce heart disease and strokes.

Self-care goals can include:

  1. Take care of your physical and psychological health.
    (Regular exercises: Walking in the country, view nature & wildlife)
  2. Manage and reduce stress. (Taking control: focus on things you can change)
  3. Recognise your emotional and spiritual needs. (Yoga, Meditation)
  4. Foster and sustain relationships. (Support network: friends & family).
  5. Achieve balance in different areas of your life. (Variety is the spice of life).

What activities will you choose to promote self-care and bring balance into your life?

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