Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

I received a pair of roller skates in my early teens and it was one of the best presents I ever had. I use to practice everyday and I wasn’t deterred from falling over (which happened quite a lot initially!) Skating was quite a tough discipline to master but I kept on going because I like to be challenged and to me it was fun. Weeks turned into months and I could see myself improving. Crossovers, power slides and even going backwards, these were some of the stylish moves I taught myself through grit and determination.

That passion lead me to play inline hockey for around 14 years, playing in tournaments across Europe and even in the States.

If you have passion, drive and the self-belief who knows where it might lead. Life will always throw obstacles at you, if you stumble just as I did when learning to skate, you must pick yourself up and try again. We will all face hurdles in life, but it’s not how you fall, it’s how you get up that will define you.

By picking yourself up, striving forward, staying focused and never giving up, you will control your destiny.

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