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Revive Health Fitness

The innovative holistic approach to improve your health and wellbeing.

Revive Health Fitness brings to you an original and comprehensive view to improve the health and wellbeing of your employees. In a post Covid world mental health and employee wellbeing is a top priority. The pandemic has definitely taught us the importance and need for self care.


Our ‘Revive’ wellness courses are specially designed with that view in mind allowing your employees to have a full and better understanding on sustainable ways to improve their health and wellbeing.


“fitness is not just about working up a sweat it’s about education and making positive life changes” Henry Adekoya¬†

Our schedule of holistic activities offer variety to provide an appropriate balance for our guests, delivering a specialised and unique service that truly meets specific health and fitness needs.


Get away from the pressures of office life and experience the wonders of the countryside at a beautiful venue. Take time to relax, feel energised and reconnect with yourself.


Our wellness days will move you away from the strains of the everyday allowing your employees to focus on their health and improve their overall wellbeing.

Henry Adekoya

Health & Fitness Expert

Henry is the Managing Director and founder of Revive Health Fitness with over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry.

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Elisa Barker

Nutritional Therapist

Elisa is an experienced practicing registered nutritional therapist obtaining her BSc in Nutritional Therapy from the University of West London.

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Alison Nye-Warden

Yoga Specialist

Alison is a Yoga teacher, Studio owner and Yoga teacher trainer at one of the worlds largest yoga schools in Europe.

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Angela Chaudhry

Yoga Specialist

Angela is passionate about fitness and health and has been a qualified Yoga teacher for over 14 years.

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Mathew Newsome

Yoga Specialist

Matthew is an experienced yoga instructor who teaches classes that stretch, tone and rejuvenate.

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Millie Friday

Fitness Coordinator

Millie also teaches stretch and tone classes to help people to sculpt their bodies to the shape they want.

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