Sarra Whicheloe

Sarra is an Iyengar Yoga Teacher with over 20 years teaching experience. She runs Sarra Yoga offering yoga classes and workshops in the Guildford area of Surrey. She initially qualified as a yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance in 2001, then went on to become a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher in 2007. Now she is a certified at Level 3 which represents her continuing professional development and taking of assessments over the past 15 years.

Her teaching style is dynamic and fluid.  She gives clear instructions on alignment and the actions of muscles so that clients feel safe and practice to their maximum benefit.  She creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere and ensures that everyone progresses at their own pace. 

She skilfully modifies and adapts postures to suit the needs of the individual whilst maintaining the momentum of shared group experience in the class. In the Iyengar Yoga method of Yoga equipment like belts, blocks, and chairs are used to access stiffness in the body and bring greater movement with correct alignment. There are exercises suitable to relieving office-based tensions and stiffness. Sarra wishes to educate clients of ways to manage physical and mental tension whilst at work as well as in their spare time. 

Sarra’s yoga teaching is inspired by her mindfulness practice of the past 15 years. Cultivating connected loving presence is at the heart of how she aspires to live and work. Sarra teaches mindfulness and self-compassion in a practical and accessible way through yoga postures, relaxation, and meditation.

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