Josie Baines Nordic Walker

We are thrilled to welcome Josie Baines to our ‘Revive’ wellness team.

Josie is a qualified Nordic Walking instructor. Before starting my Nordic Walking business in April 2021, I worked as an accountant in a corporate environment.” I am well aware of the benefit of days out from the office

to help teams de-stress, think creatively and have time to bond”. Time spent outdoors and away from the hectic work environment clears the mind and can also help to improve focus.  

Nordic Walking is a specific walking technique – it was developed by cross-country skiing athletes as an activity for the summer months when there is no snow.  Unlike trekking (when poles are planted upright for stability), Nordic Walking poles are planted behind you so that they propel you forwards like a skier or like being on a cross-trainer.  It is fun to learn, particularly in a group, and your team will probably gel in a different way than in the office

The benefits are huge:

  • It is fun and great for stress relief!
  • You use 90% of your muscles with every step thus ensuring your upper body is kept toned as well as your legs and glutes.
  • You can burn 20% – 40% extra calories when using the poles correctly.  

  • The use of the poles encourages you to use your body evenly and correctly, helping to correct

  • poor posture from spending time sitting at a desk.

  • It is suitable for almost everyone, whatever your current level of fitness.

  • Your team will learn a new way to keep fit and enjoy the great outdoors.

Your team will learn a new way to keep fit and enjoy the great outdoors. Nordic Walking will be a fantastic addition to your Team Away Day with Revive Health Fitness. 

The Ashdown Park Hotel is a fabulous location with wonderful walking from the doorstep! I look forward to working with you.

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