26 September 2022

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Sources of omega 3

Sources of omega 3

Omega 3

There are many health benefits of getting omega 3 in your diet. Omega 3 contributes to a healthy vascular system, cogitative function (clarity of thought), and healthy joints.  If you suffer from bouts of stress, omega 3 can help reduce stress, anxiety and is also a good source of vitamin D. We should aim to have at least two portions of oily fish in our weekly diet for optimal health.  If you struggle to remember which fish are oily and therefore beneficial, use the acronym S.M.A.S.H. to help you (Salmon, Mackerel, Anchovy, Sardines, Herring). (1 portion=140g)

Nuts & seeds sources of omega 3 & benefits; 

  • Walnuts: Essential fatty acids (EFA), Heart health, Reduce Inflammation, 
  • Almonds, EFA, Brain Disorders & Decline 
  • Macadamia & pecans. EFA, help reduce cholesterol, help prevent heart disease 
  • Chia seeds, flaxseeds and Pumpkin seeds: EFA, Fibre, Gut Health and Macronutrients.  

Depending on your dietary requirements, make sure you get a variety of omega 3 from plant and fish sources.

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