Are you in a motivation lull when it comes to exercise at the moment? If so, it might be time to shift your mindset.

Delving into what motivates you is a really key part of your exercise and wellness journey. Knowing if you’re driven by intrinsic or extrinsic factors can help overcome barriers to working out.

Intrinsic motivation to exercise is when you train purely for the reason of training. It makes you feel good, you enjoy it and you are interested in it. The reward you get is from taking part in the activity e.g. starting your day off right with a 5k run.


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Extrinsic motivations for fitness are when we do it for the external reward we will get. This might be something like changing our appearance or losing weight.

Neither is right or wrong- but knowing what’s driving you is powerful.

So, what’s motivating you at the moment?

Could you shift your mindset to harness those motivations?

Do you need to change up your routine to amplify them?

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