Did you know that the clocks changing can actually have a big effect on our wellbeing?

Daylight is really important for our health. It’s a well-known fact that when sunlight hits our skin it creates a chemical reaction that produces vitamin D3. Whilst we can get vitamin D through our diet, sunlight is still vital in helping us get enough.

We need vitamin D for:

  • healthy bones
  • increasing the amount of calcium the gut can absorb from food
  • reducing inflammation

Sunlight is also great at helping our circadian rhythms keep on track so we get better sleep and can improve your mood and help you to relax.


Daylight Saving Time: Going to Work and School in the Dark


So, are you getting enough? Could you incorporate a lunchtime run or squeeze in a walk around the block to get your mid-morning coffee this autumn? If it’s tough to fit in during the working day, could you get off the tube or bus one stop early and walk the last part of your commute into work? I’m challenging you to get outside in the daylight every day this week and see how quickly you notice the wellbeing benefits.


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