Breakfast options for Diabetics

When choosing breakfast options, opt for ones that are rich in protein, fibre, contain healthy fats and provide low to moderate amounts of carbs. Below is a list of tasty options:


Eggs are delicious, versatile, and have plenty of protein, moderate fat, and low carbs. You can enjoy them in various ways, (poached, scrambled, boiled, or as an omelette).

Greek Yoghurt with Berries

Greek yogurt with berries is a nutritious breakfast option. Yoghurt provides protein that helps improve blood sugar levels and also due to the probiotics found in yogurt.

Oats with Mixed Nuts

Oats contains soluble fibre that aids blood sugar control and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Despite its carb content, it’s a good option as oats are a slow releasing carb. Add milled mixed nuts for extra protein kick.

Avocado on Toast

Avocado has lots of nutritional benefits with its mono-saturates (helps lower cholesterol) and high fibre content (improves gut health). Granary or multi-seed toast will increase the fibre content slowing down the release of carbs, keeping you fuller for longer.

Nut Butter on Toast

Nut butter on toast is a simple but delicious breakfast option.
Studies show that eating foods that contain a lot of healthy fats slow down the release of sugar into the bloodstream and prevent fluctuations in blood sugar levels. There are a lot of nut butter choices for a tasty breakfast treat.

There are many nutritious, tasty, and filling breakfast options to explore if you have diabetes. These options may help you manage your blood sugar levels and keep your hunger at bay until lunchtime.

Please note: If you are a diabetic, you still need to follow a nutritious and balanced diet plan throughout the day to keep your blood sugar at a healthy level. You may need work with your GP or dietician to develop a plan that’s right for you.

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