Self Care

It’s very easy to get caught up in daily routines and all the stresses that come along with it.  Managing time for yourself can be very difficult but its essential for your quality of life. Studies show that engaging in self-care reduces symptoms of stress an anxiety. It can also help you establish stronger relationships and recover from personal or emotional setbacks. A recent survey (mental health first aid), found that 64% of participants engaging in self-care enhanced their confidence, 67% enhanced their productivity and 71% improved their happiness.  From a physical perspective, self care can help reduce heart disease and strokes.


Self-care goals can include:


1. Take care of your physical and psychological health.(Regular exercises: Walking in the country, view nature & wildlife)

2. Manage and reduce stress.  (Taking control: focus on things you can change)

3. Recognise your emotional and spiritual needs. (Yoga, Meditation)

4. Foster and sustain relationships.  (Support network: friends & family).

5. Achieve balance in different areas of your life.  (Variety is the spice of life).


What activities will you choose to promote self-care and bring balance into your life?

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