Hybrid Working

The introduction of hybrid office working has allowed employees to have a flexible routine, balancing work and personal commitments more effectively. With a reduction in commuting, employees can save both on time and the financial costs of getting to work. Increased productivity, job satisfaction with less distractions hybrid working has its benefits.

But do those benefits come at a cost? Whilst the benefits of hybrid working are clear hybrid working has created a few challenges.

  • Not being able to collaborate and communicate with colleagues physically.
  • Working from home can cause feelings of isolation.
  • Difficult to maintain company culture.
  • Potential for inequality amongst fellow employees.
  • Blurred boundaries between work and personal life.
  • Lack of engagement

Having a culture that recognises and supports the challenges remote working brings, endorsing fair and inclusive strategies, adopt virtual teamwork polices to mitigate feelings of isolation. Encourage work life balance by setting clear boundaries and expectations for working hours, encourage breaks, provide resources for managing stress and wellbeing. Reconnect colleagues with real life team building engagements.

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