The fear to focus

If we don’t give ourselves purpose then our actions are in vain.

A few years back, Mandy, a new client of mine wanted to lose weight (21lb). She was tired of not being able to fit into her favourite clothes and tired of the way she looked. Mandy had been a regular gym user and had a reasonable workout scheduled to manage and maintain her weight. Mandy didn’t over eat, she also walked the dog for over 2 hours a week but still couldn’t lose any weight.  If anything Mandy was putting on pounds rather than losing them. Mandy had lost her focus and with it the desire to succeed, Mandy felt her efforts were in vain to ultimately achieving her weight loss goal. Lacking in desire Mandy came to me for guidance

“Do not fear the unknown just have the focus and belief”


“Just a few more lbs”


The ripple effect.

Mandy wanted to lose 1 and a half stone. To achieve this 2 key ingredients were needed. Planning and Desire

Planning will keep you focused, desire will instill belief, belief will insure confidence and confidence will achieve success. We must know our route so we can choose the right path, and have a reason for staying on track.  
If we know our aim, then achievable steps can be made (appropriate program planning). And if we have a reason, we will have the desire to achieve weight loss success.

Mandy was given an appropriate fitness programme with her end goal in mind, and targets suitable for her fitness levels. The correct exercise intensity allowed Mandy to push herself from time to time as her confidence grew, and more importantly Mandy realised her true potential. We also made small adjustments to Mandy’s nutrition, eating the correct amount at appropriate times in order to fuel her activity and lifestyle.



“fuel you lifestyle”




Needless to say Mandy achieved her goal of 21lb, infact she is 25lb lighter.
We can all achieve and better ourselves.

The sacrifices we make for weight loss are not for ever but the improvements we make to our health and well-being can be.

“to succeed you must have confidence, to have confidence you must believe”

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