Having been a regular gym bod for over 2 decades one thing I can safely say is, apart from new ideas and understanding regarding nutrition, the fundamentals of resistance training are still the same. We have a flurry of new ideas and equipment to keep us amused (Kettle Bells, Power Bags, TRX etc.).
Back in the day (90’s) you may have been out in the clubs throwing some shapes, but today little has changed from your clubbing days regarding the principles of weight training.


“I’ve still got it”



I always found back then (when I was a gym instructor), most ladies had a phobia regarding weight training with the fear of looking like Arnold Schwarzeneggger. Woman would never work too hard on upper body exercises but would increase the weight stack for their glutes and thighs. The general understanding was that weight training increases muscle mass making you masculine and wasn’t a particularly desirable look for females. If that were the case, why work hard with endless reps and sets on core and thighs exercises to sculpt your abs and legs to just practically neglect your chest / back / arms and shoulders? Muscle fibres behave in the same way (upper / lower body) so this way of thinking doesn’t really make any sense. You would have to work endless hours in the gym working muscles to failure along with some muscle enhancing aids to remotely resemble Arnie.



“Hasta La Vista Baby”



Principles of weight training
Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type and Adherence – The F.I.T.T.A principles can be applied to all forms of training. To improve we must be consistent, to prevent injury we must work to the right intensity, for our workouts to be effective we must work and rest for the appropriate amount of time, the type for exercises we choose is vital for goal setting and we must devote the time regularly to reap the health benefits.  When our muscles grow stronger through exercise we have the strength to perform more reps or sets, increasing the amount of resistance we can overcome or lift. Compound exercises work more than one muscle group and will yield more from your workouts, so it would be wise to include these into your programme prescriptions. There are many forms of sets and circuits we can play with to keep us amused and come highly recommended.

Benefits of resistance training
Weight training is highly beneficial for a number of reasons, not only does it improve our shape and posture it’s perfect for weight management. (REALLY) I hear you say. Sure thing! Weight training allows us to be more active and prevents injury. Muscles are calorie dense so burn more calories at rest, thus increasing your metabolism which can help us maintain a healthy weight.

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Next time the pros / cons of HIIT training. So in the words of Arnie… I’ll be back!


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