Revive weight loss programme is specially designed for individuals who would like to manage their weight and their health and fitness. The programme will allow participants to safely and effectively follow an exercise programme, lose weight, reduce stress and more importantly have the knowledge to successfully maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve overall wellbeing.


Get the specialised help and support you need.


If you are sedentary, lead a hectic business lifestyle or if you are a busy parent and would like to reduce stress, have more energy and manage your weight. Then our Revive week is for you.



          Revive Week Programme Schedule 


  • Pre-medical profile screening.
  • Individual fitness assessment on arrival allowing us to best manage your exercise sessions to get the results you want.
  • Specialised exercise schedule to suit your current fitness levels.
  • Help and support from the Revive Health Fitness team when you return home. A complementary phone call  or email every week for 4 weeks after leaving our venue.
  • Healthy lunch pack for your journey home.
  • A full entertaining exercise programme including: hiking, pilates, body conditioning, relaxation, exercise to music, yoga, circuits and much more.
  • Nutrition, exercise and wellbeing discussion workshop.
  • Personal Lifestyle Assessments.
  • Relaxing massages.
  • En-suite accommodation within beautiful surroundings.

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