Specialised ‘Revive’ day* 

Get away from the stresses and strains of modern life, focus on your needs of your employees and allow them to relax within beautiful surroundings.


The working week has changed drastically (hybrid) post Covid, and the idea of staff reconnecting with themselves, re-engaging with their work colleagues, relaxing whilst learning to support and improve their mental and physical health is a unique and refreshing prospect for any business.


Learn from the experts and let their passion guide you through a variety of holistic exercises and activities. Enjoy a delicious meal and healthy snacks designed by a nutritionist.

Fitness is not just about working up a sweat it’s also about education and making positive life changes. With an informative wellness discussion to inspire your team, followed by a relaxation class, it will be the perfect end to your specialised Revive day.



The health & wellbeing ‘Revive’ day has been carefully designed to allow you to:

  • Take time out from the day to day.
  • Try out some different types of movement and exercise that will support your wellbeing.
  • Learn how you can use nutrition and behavioural changes to support your health.
  • Enjoy a 2 course meal and snacks built around recommended nutrients
  • Explore the stunning scenery of the East Sussex countryside in the venue grounds.
  • Come away with a deeper understanding of ways you can nurture yourself over the coming months and years.

Revive Day Programme Schedule *

  • 10:30 am – Arrival Refreshments.
  • 10:45 am – Guest Welcome.
  • 11 am – Pilates Class
  • 12 Noon – Nordic Walk
  • 2 pm – 2 Course Lunch.
  • 3 pm – Health & Wellbeing Discussion, Wellbeing Pack, with healthy snacks and refreshments.
  • 4 pm – Yoga Stretch and Relax
  • 5:15 pm – Guest Farewell
  • Use of Country Club Leisure Facilities

After your farewell, guests can relax using the country club leisure facilities with heated indoor swimming pool.


* Schedule timings are a guide and can be adjusted to suit your specific requirements.

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