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Employee Wellness Days

Workplace wellness has never been so important. Poor employee health cost the UK economy £91 billion in 2019(Vitality Health). So it may be wise to take action.

According to an extensive study developed by Vitality, RAND Europe, the University of Cambridge and Mercer UK businesses lost an average of 38 working days per employee in 2019. This is largely due to poor physical and mental health related to absence and presenteeism.

The rise of presenteeism

The study showed a further rise in presenteeism -– where employees turn up for work but are unable to give their best – due to mental and physical health concerns, with just under half (45%) of UK workers admitting to suffering from presenteeism in 2019, up almost a third from 2014 (29%) and highlighting how critical the issue is for British business.

Mental health in the workplace

The study also indicates the critical need for businesses to further address workplace mental wellbeing, with workers’ stress, depression and anxiety costing the economy £30 billion last year (2018).

The study also found that business that engage in health and wellbeing initiatives had a significant impact on their employees health. The vast majority (75%) of those who do engage in health and wellbeing initiatives report a positive impact on their overall health,

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