Passion & Drive

I’m a very driven person and fitness is my passion. Something you may have guessed from my previous posts. But where does this passion and drive come from? Looking back, I feel my passion comes from a background probably unlike many. A background full of ups and downs, hard knocks and uncertainties. That journey started at the age of 6, the age I entered the care system.  Leaving a multicultural tightly packed residential street in East London to a large country house in a small East Sussex town. A decision that would shape me.

Are we who we are from nature or nurture? Obviously get our traits from nurture but I do believe we are all products of our environment too. From the way we speak, the way we think and even in the way view others.

You will always encounter ups and downs in life, but it’s how you deal with them that defines you. To move forward in life you need focus, confidence, structure and belief. Playing sport at an international level has taught me that.

My sporting achievements kept me focused in my teens & twenties, I can see that now. Training sessions gave me structure, my gameplay gave me confidence and winning trophies gave me belief.

“ to succeed you must have confidence to have confidence you must believe “

Find out more about my fitness career journey in my next post.

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