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Why is it, when we as a nation were advised to cut back on fat to improve our health and maintain an ideal weight the opposite happened?

In the 1980’s only 6% of Britons were  obese, over the next 20 years the number had more than tripled. Today two thirds of Britons (66%) are overweight or obese, making the UK the fattest nation in the EU. A worrying thought I hear you say, but how and why has this happened.

Decades after the war and with rations a thing of the past families across the nation started to enjoy heartier meals. In the mid 80’s governments realised that that our food consumption had increased and so would our waistlines if not addressed. We were advised to reduce our intake of fat and to become more active.


Eat less fat, be more active to become healthy!


Healthy Products?

Apart from rocking in spandex to Jane Fonder or  Mr Motivator, this made perfect sense.  Eating fat had twice as many calories per gram than other food groups so eating less fat would help maintain a healthy weight. Not missing an opportunity food manufacturers filled our supermarkets with a multitude of low fat products. These seemingly healthy products low in fat would be our girth stretching, belt popping undoing. Low fat products use sugar as a substitute to enhance flavours and it’s these hidden sugars that are the problem. For decades we have all enjoyed low fat products believing it to be the healthy choice and what our health authorities would like us to do.  But with all the apparent sound advice over 30 years on the problem has not been solved, in truth we are far worse off than we have even been, and the situation is far from getting better.


Heavyweights of Europe!


Choice and Convenience

Briton maybe Europe’s heavyweights but this is a global problem. Of course not only sugar is to blame for an oversized nation there are other social factors that contribute as well some of which are, Choice and Convenience.
There are far more food products available to choose from and tempt us than 35 years ago, and It’s far more acceptable to eat later with fast food restaurants conveniently available almost around the clock.


Education is the key to solving many problems in life and having the know how to successfully manage weight is not any different. We go to school to learn so our prospects in life can be fulfilled. With education we have the knowledge and the power to make informed decisions that determine our pathway to success. When we consume food digestion starts in the mouth and learning and understanding nutrition and its procedure within the body is the key to successful weight management.


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