(Moving on from my last post)Over 25 years on, training hundreds of private clients, supporting numerous charities I still have the same passion and drive. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts the next step for me along side my personal training, was to offer wellness days aptly named ‘Revive Health Fitness’. I’ve run and managed wellness weeks and wellness days for the general public and now want to run such courses for businesses and their employees. Here you can learn how to rekindle and revive any lost levels of fitness, improve current health, and maintain your overall wellbeing safe and effectively. ⁠

I can pass on my decades of knowledge and experience, so employees can empower themselves benefiting their businesses.⁠

Step away from your desk and experience the beautiful countryside surrounding Ashdown Park Hotel, health is something we shouldn’t take for granted especially in a post Covid world. Knowledge is power, take charge of your health on a wellness day and feel revitalised. ⁠

“Consistency is the key, because small changes can really make a big difference” Henry Adekoya. ⁠

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