December 6

My Goal

Moving forward let me continue my story: For those that know me would have witnessed my humble beginnings. My nomadic teenage years (another story) to the joy of being housed in my early twenties. Like my life up to that point, my career path has also been a turbulent one. After a brief spell of […]

December 1

Passion & Drive

I’m a very driven person and fitness is my passion. Something you may have guessed from my previous posts. But where does this passion and drive come from? Looking back, I feel my passion comes from a background probably unlike many. A background full of ups and downs, hard knocks and uncertainties. That journey started at the […]

November 24

Long And Winding

My career path has been long and winding. For those that know me would have witnessed my humble beginnings. From my nomadic teenage years (another story) to the joy of being housed in my early twenties.   After a brief spell of unemployment I found my calling, Fitness. In order to fulfil it I needed […]

November 22


Motivation Are you in a motivation lull when it comes to exercise at the moment? If so, it might be time to shift your mindset. Delving into what motivates you is a really key part of your exercise and wellness journey. Knowing if you’re driven by intrinsic or extrinsic factors can help overcome barriers to […]

November 22

Good Verses Bad

Good verses Bad Did you know we as people are only about 10% human? Well, bacteria in your intestine, known as gut flora, outnumber our human cells 10 to 1. We have around 40 trillion of them! Research shows that these bacteria (some good some bad) can have profound implications on our health, affecting everything from […]

November 17

Hi I’m Henry

Hi, I’m Henry. I’ve trained professional athletes, represented England, kept whole families moving through lockdown, and helped client after client get back on track with their health and feel great about themselves. I’ve spent over 25 years amassing a wealth of information about how to move and feel better. When you know that some simple […]

November 16


What is serotonin? It’s pretty darn important actually.   Serotonin is the feel-good hormone that balances our mood, feelings, and state of well-being. Underestimate it at your peril, as Serotonin impacts your entire body.   It helps: Reduce depression and anxiety Heal wounds Maintain bone health Is responsible for our sleeping, eating, and digestion.   As […]

November 14


Daylight Did you know that the clocks changing can actually have a big effect on our wellbeing? Daylight is really important for our health. It’s a well-known fact that when sunlight hits our skin it creates a chemical reaction that produces vitamin D3. Whilst we can get vitamin D through our diet, sunlight is still […]

November 10

Bento Boxes

Bento Boxes Japanese bento boxes seem to be all the rage at the minute with boxes full of delicious-looking combinations. And they’re not just for kids! Did you know that the word ‘bento’ originated from a Southern Song slang term and means “convenient” or “convenience”? Well, convenience is something we can all definitely appreciate (in […]

November 8

Plant Foods & B12

With COP26 underway this week, world leaders try to find an understanding on environmental issues. Plant-based products have become increasingly popular from an environmental perspective. Meat requires more resources to produce and leads to more greenhouse gas emissions and deforestations in comparison, producing fruits, vegetables and other minimally processed plant foods. Governments now realise the […]

October 26

Get your oats this winter!

The clocks go back this weekend which spells cold dark mornings, as winter approaches. Winter for me means porridge season and the humble oat is so powerful when it comes to setting yourself up for a healthy day ahead. They’re so easy to pick up in all supermarkets and as a healthy carb, they are […]

October 12

Belly Fat

Having some fat in your belly is normal. After all fat is there to protect and insulate your body. Nevertheless, having too much belly fat maybe harmful to your health and increase your risk of developing certain chronic diseases. There are two main types of belly fat — Subcutaneous belly fat one (found under your skin) and visceral belly […]

July 27

Elisa Barker

Elisa is an experienced practicing registered nutritional therapist obtaining her BSc in Nutritional Therapy from the University of West London. Her journey in studying and practicing Nutritional Therapy has enabled Elisa to experience the value and power that lifestyle and dietary modifications can have.   Nutritional Therapy Nutritional Therapy is a scientific and evidence based approach […]

July 13

About Henry

      I love learning. I love to teach and I love fitness. It is probably quicker to tell you what I don’t have qualifications and experience in! Current areas of interest and experience include: Nutrition & Weight Loss Management Anatomy & Physiology Total Body Conditioning Pilates & Rehabilitation Senior Health & Fitness Kids Fitness […]

June 16

Specialised ‘Revive’ Day

It’s official, specialised ‘Revive’ day focussing on practical and nutritional remedies for menopausal symptoms. Saturday the 25th of September &  Saturday the 16th of October at Ashdown park Hotel, East Sussex. Join us for holistic exercises and activities and relax within beautiful surroundings. Begin the autumn in a positive manor and start your journey to renewed health […]

June 9

Quick & Easy Recipes

We all lead busy lives and as working professionals healthy meal prep is not always easy. Planning meals can be time consuming and after a busy day at work it’s far easier to pop into the local supermarket for one of your favourite ready meals or better still, just pick up a take away.  Time will […]